For many years, Riserva Carlo Alberto has symbolized the rich pleasures of drinking well - thanks to history, and the finding of the deep conscious research undertaken in Turin’s famed Caves of Alchemy. Turin has always been a magical city with a quest to uncover the real essence of humanity. With such a background our labour of love has been to remain faithful to the true history of this vermouth. Since 1837 it has traversed important historical events, such as Turin’s International Expo in 1911 - an artistic exposition of the crowning glories of worldwide technological research. The Riserva Carlo Alberto bottle, named the “1911”, studiously creates an international bond between Art Nouveau and Art Deco, more commonly found in other countries. What was once a city is now a meeting place between different worlds, cultures and realities.

Custom Design

As architecture is one of the traditional ways in which knowledge has been passed from one generation to the next, the design of the Riserva Carlo Alberto bottle has been inspired by the architectural style prevalent in Turin.

So evocations of Savoy culture can be appreciated in the bottle, such as the Palazzo Madama in the central part, evolving into Art Nouveau representations, so typical of Turin, in the neck and dome-like top of the bottle, and the sturdy colonnade of the Gran Madre di Dio in the lower part.The Riserva Carlo Alberto label and wordmark, on the other hand, form a union with Art Deco, that is, an art form developed in other parts – and so, the meeting of cultures, the marriage of art forms.

Design by Assiolo Gianluca Scolaro